Utilizing Large Security System Backup Power Options

Despite the size of your security system choosing the proper backup power system is extremely important. Using UPS battery backup sources is highly beneficial for small and medium systems. However, a centralized generator is necessary for larger systems.

Surveillance Only Backup or the Entire Building

When purchasing and maintaining backup generators it’s important to consider one main factor. Is it more cost effective to provide backup power to the entire building from one point rather than multiple points for only the surveillance system?

Often, generators are more cost-effective when total power redundancy is needed, but UPSes are far more cost-effective when only surveillance redundancy is needed.

When it comes to large video deployments, UPSes typically cover multiple panels, and maintaining each backup point requires considerable effort. Medium-sized video systems can cost thousands of dollars per year in battery replacements alone.

Common Generator System

Most generators are capable of powering over hundred cameras and recorders, even if the cameras draw 15W each. It can cost between $25,000 – $35,000 for a backup generator large enough to power an entire commercial site. On the other hand, individual UPS units can cost between $50 and $200. 

However, for UPS devices without routine inspections, discharge/recharge procedures, and temperature control, these batteries can prematurely fail. Every UPS unit’s batteries are expected to last for three to five years before needing to be replaced.

The need for a battery backup unit may still exist even with a generator. Two reasons should be considered when installing a battery UPS on devices : Surge Protection and Bump Power. Before backup power kicks in circuits lose complete power for a short period of time (usually seconds or a minute). For reset-sensitive devices like servers and DVRs, a UPS unit can bridge the short power gap, also known as a bump.

Backup Generator

For larger systems, generators are simpler, more cost effective, and easier to use, despite their high initial cost. Fuel is essential for the operation of every generator. The ability to maintain full fuel tanks is limited with generator backups, unlike UPS units. 

Fuel options:

  • Diesel / Gasoline
  • Propane / Natural Gas

It is safer and easier to use a facility’s existing utility fuel supply unless large volumes of gasoline or diesel are already stored on site.

If you are looking to add new security features into your business, like Backup Generators let RC Security help. Our continued research and partnerships with premium brands allow us to offer better quality every time.

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