Major Benefits To Cloud-Based Access Control & Must Have Security Features

The Importance Of Access Control

The on-site access control servers of a company were recently hacked, preventing access to all of its buildings. Unfortunately, the building took two weeks to recover from the ransomware attack. This meant that employees were unable to enter early in the morning or late at night without the presence of a guard who could verify their identities. This is one of the many examples why traditional lock-and-key solutions cannot compete with on-site access control solutions. These systems offer more functionality, features, and automation. However, servers where the software resides need to be maintained and updated by an IT professional. Additionally, ensuring that the servers don’t become infected by cyberattacks requires the administrator to be well versed in cybersecurity.

In most cases, on-premise access-control systems require a dedicated PC connected to the servers to make changes, which means that most changes are made locally. This solution has a limited flexibility since granting access to a new person or adding a new door must be done on-site. A similar limitation applies to on-premise security. In addition to the need for multiple servers across multiple sites, on-premise software requires constant firmware updates, which wastes money, resources, and time.

9 Benefits To Using Cloud-Based Access Control

  1. Global access control is possible with cloud access control
  2. Employees are able to open doors with their phones removing the risk of keys and keycards being lost or stolen
  3. The system is automatically updated to combat cyber threats without a server
  4. Analyze the building’s traffic in real time
  5. Cloud-based solutions allow you to revoke access immediately in the event of a lost or stolen key card
  6. Additional doors, offices, and users is easy to add with cloud-based access control
  7. By allowing doors to be opened and secured remotely gatekeepers are no longer needed on site
  8. Additional security can be provided through the integration of video surveillance and cloud access control
  9. Several software integration APIs are available, including HR, visitor, and membership management programs

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