Frame Rate For Video Surveillance & What Your Company Needs

It’s important to choose the right frame rate for your application, but it’s often confusing to know when to use 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 frames per second.

Typical Walking & Running Speed

A moving object increases your chances of missing an action. Frame rates (1 frame per second, 10 frames per second, 30 etc.) indicate the ‘speed’, but how many frames are required to capture a motion reliably?

An individual walking at a steady pace typically covers about 4 feet per second. On the other hand if they are running they can cover up to 16 feet in one second. In addition, getting a clear shot of a person’s face can be difficult when they move because their head shifts naturally. These are both important factors when deciding the correct frames per second needed for your video surveillance.

Frame Rate vs Shutter Speed 

A common misconception is that frame rate causes blurring. However, this is normally caused by the camera’s shutter speed. In some cases manufactures or users set their shutter rate lower than the frame rate. As a result, this causes moving objects to blur and often the user loses frames. In order to avoid this, the frame rate can never exceed the number of exposures per second. 

It is common for manufacturers to copy the same frame over and over again, creating fake frames with slow shutters. In the case of a 1/15s shutter, for instance, you can only take 15 exposures, which equates to 15 frames. However, to fake these frames to look like you have twice as many you can receive each frame twice in a row.

Average Frame Rate

On average most companies are able to use 15 frames per seconds, which provides enough frames to capture most actions while reducing storage requirements.

With that being said, increasing frame rates from 10FPS or 15FPS to 30FPS will typically increase storage costs but will only slightly improve detail capture.

If you are looking to review security features for your business, like Frame Rate let RC Security help. Our continued research and partnerships with premium brands allow us to offer better quality every time.

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