How Managed Services Protect Your Bottom Line

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Advances in technology continue to provide companies large and small new and improved security solutions. Access control is one of those fantastic solutions that just keeps getting better. Conventional systems store their access control system’s data on-site while hosted access control is becoming a fast favorite because of the benefits it provides.

What Makes Managed Services Different from Traditional Access Control?

Most companies have dedicated IT specialists who manage their security solutions and support the productivity of the business. On-site access control software increases their responsibilities because they manage the devices that cool and power the servers as well as perform maintenance on the system. Additionally, your security integrator has to come on-site regularly to perform maintenance and updates.

With managed access control, the servers are hosted off-property, thus reducing overall costs and your IT department’s responsibility. All of the physical devices such as hardware, locks, and readers remain on premises, and they communicate with the main door controller over the network. In turn, the controller uses the network to transmit the data to the managed system located on the cloud. By allowing someone else to host your access control systems, you reduce the workload of IT personnel so they can focus on other critical tasks.

How Managed Services Protect Your Bottom Line

Hosted access control has many benefits. First, it saves you time and money because you don’t have to worry about reconstructing card lists and properties because your internal service fails. Reconstructing these pieces wastes a lot of time. You never have to worry about losing data when your services are hosted on the cloud.

Increased data security is another benefit. Trained security professionals make updates and changes to the access control system, and you know that back-ups are done correctly and regularly. Hosted access control reduces your business’s risk, and your IT department can focus on other important tasks instead of cybersecurity.

Additionally, the services are available all of the time. You don’t need to set up a remote desktop connection to perform administrative tasks. You can access the system anywhere that has an internet connection.

Take your security to the next level while saving money and freeing up time for IT personnel by choosing managed services. It reduces the stress of managing your access control system. Also, having managed services ensures that security professionals update and back-up the system regularly with no on-site visits from your security integrator.

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