How Remote Managed Services Enhance Building Security

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Remote managed services provide many benefits such as simplifying user management, reducing IT costs and labor, and the generation of critical business intelligence for property management. However, one of the greatest benefits of cloud-based services is that they also include innovative features that enhance building security.

Streamline Collaboration with Outside Agencies and Investigations

Remote managed service platforms have smart search options that help security personnel and loss prevention find incidents quickly so they can respond faster. Object and thumbnail search options let you swiftly scan large timeframes of data to locate security events for further investigation. These services make it simple to collaborate with outside agencies to thoroughly investigate security incidents.

Export video footage to the cloud and easily share it with insurance companies or law enforcement via a password protected link. You can see who has viewed footage and an extensive record of video downloads anytime. System administrators can set specific expiration dates on clips and revoke access to personnel, as well.

Increase Tenant Security

Routine monitoring of areas with less traffic is vital to ensure that maintenance and security issues are reported in a timely manner. System reports allow you to check all of your cameras to make sure that no one has tampered with them and that they work correctly. Remote managed services generate critical security reports with actionable information for business owners.

Verify Significant Security Events Visually

Cloud-based services integrate well with alarm panels on site. You can visually confirm incidents such as security breaches, doors propped open, and the use of the building’s fire exits. The system even lets you create motion detection alerts in secure areas or for people present after hours. You can utilize security camera analytics for more sophisticated alerts. This integration makes your security cameras smarter as they learn patterns over time and allows personnel to respond to security events quicker.

Enhanced Cyber Security

Remote managed services include state-of-the-art cybersecurity such as fully encrypted data, multi-factor authentication, centralized user credentialing, and no open inbound ports. These features improve the security of business data and protect your network.

Remote managed services aren’t just convenient and cost-effective; they protect your building and its occupants. Manage your business easier with enhanced security using cloud-based services.

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