Introducing: AI-Powered Video Surveillance

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Security technology continues to expand our capabilities every day to provide more comprehensive security solutions. Current video monitoring solutions are cumbersome, and it’s difficult to find the information you need. There’s a revolutionary way to use video surveillance with AI. AI brings intelligent video surveillance search to your existing security system.

How the AI-Powered Video Surveillance Search Engine Works

Did you know that typical security cameras only see two minutes of suspect footage every day, but it takes a long time to find those brief clips? AI brings an incredibly powerful way to search your video footage with ease. Deep learning technology helps your security system recognize objects, colors, animals, vehicles, people, and more. With the ability to search for anything you need, you can find the footage you’re looking for in seconds. This technology allows your security system to understand what’s going on around it.

Once you connect your system to the AI product, it breaks down your surveillance footage into metadata to send to a secure server. Then AI analyzes the metadata using deep learning to translate the it into searchable information.

This technology allows you to search your video surveillance using natural language, like the way you would search for something on the internet. You can use simple keywords to search such as “red van” or even add a time frame “red van last week.” Search for a suspect wearing a blue shirt by simply typing in “man in blue shirt yesterday.”

Features and Benefits

Use AI-powered video surveillance on any device. Record video with any browser, iOS, IP, NVR, or VMS camera. It serves your recorded video footage from the cloud, so speed and reliability are never a question. Set alerts for specific search-based video, and your security system notifies you when important incidents occur that match your search criteria.

AI-powered video surveillance sorts through all the events and finds the most important ones recorded. Machine learning (ML) helps your video surveillance get smarter over time. As you use it, the system learns what you think is important and gradually learns more over time. Your daily summaries and alerts get better ever day the more the AI technology learns.

ML now comes at a scale and price never heard of before. Talk to a security integrator to find out more about AI-powered video surveillance.

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