Managed Access Control: The Efficient, Cost-Effective Security Solution for Building Owners

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Managed access control is a cost-effective alternative to managing your own access control system. It’s more efficient, frees up IT personnel or reduces the need for them, and saves money over time. Occupants of commercial and multi-family buildings require a more advanced security system, which places additional stress on owners and managers. Managed access control is the perfect solution.

Stand-Alone Systems Without Networking Incur Unforeseen Costs

Many security systems utilized today are mixed components from various systems. While it’s excellent that many solutions integrate well with others, businesses are often left to fend for themselves as far as managing them. Unforeseen costs add up over time that building owners weren’t expecting.

Managed Access Control Saves Money on System Upkeep Over Time

Business owners may cringe at the up-front cost of managed services, but it’s critical to look at the total cost of installing and maintaining the system. When you manage your own access control, you’ll spend money on upkeep, licensing fees, support costs as well as expensive upgrades. When you compare the cost of maintenance and upkeep over time to one monthly cost that covers everything, it’s easy to see that a managed solution saves you money as well as stress.

Customized security plans factor in all of the costs, including monthly monitoring fees so that the owner of the building can estimate monthly costs. Managed access control software integrates with other security systems and equipment, saving you the cost of buying new products. Many systems include 24/7 monitoring staff to enhance property security.

Managed Services Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Managed access control drives efficiency and productivity, thus increasing overall profitability. For instance, if the building has security personnel on-site, the system complements the goals of the security staff well and helps them be more efficient.

The 24/7 monitoring agents notify contacts in the system as well as on-duty security personnel when incidents occur. It’s a proactive security solution that allows security guards to catch crimes in progress and retrieve more data from the system for criminal investigations. This combination helps local law enforcement investigate criminal activity on the property if their presence is necessary.

Remote access control management is truly an efficient security solution that saves time and money while increasing the effectiveness of security measures in place. Contact RC Security Consulting for more information.

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