Maximize Security Protection With Glass Sensors

One of the most common ways burglars break into houses is by breaking glass windows. A building’s perimeter can be fully protected with glass break detectors as well as alarm contacts.

Acoustic Vs Shock Sensors

Sensors designed to detect glass breakages are usually either shock or acoustic in nature. The main contrasts are:

  • Mounting: acoustic sensors are mounted on a surface facing glass, while shocks are mounted on the glass itself.
  • Measurement: a shock sensor measures the physical pressure made by a shock, while an acoustic sensor measures the sound of a breaking glass.
  • Total cost: shock sensors are more expensive because they monitor one pane at a time, whereas acoustic monitors can monitor more than one pane at the same time.
  • Accuracy: shock sensors are more accurate especially in noisy areas while acoustic alarms are more likely to create false alarms.

Sensor Ratings By Thickness, Size & Type

Security sensors are most commonly rated by a combination of the following:

  • Thickness – the thickness of glass
  • Size – the dimension of the glass in terms of its width and length
  • Type – the type of glass that is being used

There are four types most commonly used:

  • Plate Glass: Most older commercial buildings and residential buildings use plate glass. As it breaks, it shatters into large, jagged pieces that emit a loud sound. As a result of its inflexibility, it produces very little vibration when it breaks.
  • Tempered Glass: Often referred to as safety glass, this type of glass is usually found in patio doors, architectural windows, frameless doors, and anywhere a person might step into a large sheet of glass and shatter it. This glass shatters into tiny bits that are less likely to cause serious injury. Compared to other forms of glass, it makes fewer sounds and produces less shock when broken.
  • Wired Glass: Unlike traditional glass, wire glass has threads woven in, which make it shock-absorbing and heat-resistant. It is commonly found in fire doors and industrial applications, which makes it harder to detect glass breaks.
  • Laminate Glass: Is a glass panel made up of two layers of glass surrounding a layer of plastic. As a result, the plastic absorbs most of the shock and makes it harder to detect the glass breaking.

If you are looking to update security features for your business, like adding Glass Sensors let RC Security help. Our continued research and partnerships with premium brands allow us to offer better quality every time.

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