Proper Design Creates the Foundation of Any Security System

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When purchasing and installing a security system, it’s important to find the right security integrator to design your system and install it. Proper design sets a stable foundation, ensuring that your security system protects your property effectively.

Factors to Consider When Designing Your Security System

To make sure they design the right system for your needs, the security integrator will discuss several factors with you, including:

  • What the budget is for your system
  • Who will be operating the security system
  • Will you set the alarm remotely, from home, or both
  • How many pets you have and whether they roam the whole house or if they’re relegated to a certain area
  • If you have items such as important documents or possessions that need additional security
  • Do you plan on installing security cameras
  • Whether you want to view the system remotely or not
  • Home automation features
  • Additional environmental and life safety protection

Security System Components

The budget has a great impact on the features you can add to your security system. Here are some of the common components to consider:

  • Siren or alarm annunciator
  • Motion sensors
  • Window/Door sensors
  • CO sensors
  • Environmental sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Control panel
  • Security cameras
  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Outside perimeter protection
  • Home automation
  • Cellular backup

Minimum Security Products and Features Recommended

There are a few features and products that you should include in your security system at a bare minimum. At least one smoke detector is necessary to signal a monitoring station for help if you can’t or don’t have time to call emergency services.

It’s also critical to protect your doors with a motion detector for backup in cases someone breaks into your house through one of the windows.

There may be items that you feel are necessary to include, as well. Your security integrator will create a security plan for your property and design a system that protects your most important possessions—your home and family.

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RC Security Consulting protects the heart of Texas with design, installation, retrofit, repair, inspection, and monitoring of commercial security systems. We are centrally located in Collin County and provide service for almost 200 miles in all directions.

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