Reducing False Alarms With Chat – Every Second Counts In A Security Breach

As part of our commitment to our customers, reducing false alarms is one of our top priorities. Getting closer to zero makes our services more efficient, and our customers happier.

Chat Options

Chat messaging systems are capable of sending out a link to a group of contacts each time an alarm is triggered. A secure chat group is then created for the contacts to discuss whether the alarm needs to be addressed or ignored.

Lower False Alarm Rates

Once an alarm is activated an operator will call subscribers, however, they rarely get a response. Statistics show that texting is vastly preferred over talking on the phone. Subscribers are more likely to respond when prompted to join a text message thread rather than receive a call from an operator.

RC Security Consulting is constantly working with a variety of companies to bring our customers the best products and features. Our consistent effort to remain up to date with ever evolving technology and security changes allows us to better protect you at home or at work.

Innovation Continues

There are a number of companies that are continuing to innovate and create the best products for this market. An example of this is AvantGuard or AG Chat which includes a timer that counts down the time until an operator takes action. Once the timer expires an operator will begin calling contacts to address the security breach.

In the event that more time is required to confirm or disregard an alarm, a user can extend the time by 30 seconds, twice. For example, the button will disappear for all members of the chat group if Emma presses the button to extend the timer, followed by John extending it another 30 seconds. In addition to giving users more time to confirm an alert, it also allows operators to handle the alarm in a timely manner.

After testing their product, they noticed that users were typing “disregard” or “dispatch” instead of pressing the buttons. The issue prompted no action, and operators continued to make calls despite the user’s desire for the signal to be ignored. As a result, they added keyword recognition so that when words like “disregard,” “cancel,” or “dispatch” are sent through the chat, the users are prompted to select the corresponding button.

Our goal at RC Security Consulting is to continue to find the top products from reliable companies and integrate them seamlessly into your security systems.

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