Residential Surveillance – Every Second Counts In A Security Breach

Even though home security is simpler than that used in businesses, figuring out the best system for your home can be challenging.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself

  • What is your budget?
  • How difficult will it be to set it up?
  • What features are most important to you?  

What is your budget?

In most cases, the cost of the system is the most important factor. Generally, there is not a history of repeated thefts or security breaches unlike businesses. As a result, spending thousands on security is difficult to justify. Today, it is possible to install a suitable security system between $700-$1,200.  

How difficult will it be to set it up?

In most cases installation is typically done by the homeowner themselves or by a friend. As a result, they may not have a lot of knowledge in information technology or electronics. Considering that most professionals charge at least a few hundred dollars for an individual visit, this is understandable. However, when this is done it often takes longer to install, the overall look is rarely clean and systems are not set up correctly. 

RC Security offers a Free Consultation to provide an accurate estimate and best meet the needs of your home while optimizing features that are most important to you.

What features are most important to you?

There is a wide range of options in video surveillance – alarm system integration, audio monitoring, low light viewing, high resolution, analytics, multi-month recordings, etc. Homeowners usually require a fraction of the features available to professionals.   

Some of the most requested features include:

  • Remote viewing: Virtually all systems support some form of remote viewing over the internet. Generally speaking, the difference lies in how difficult it is to access them through the public Internet when you are away from home.  
  • Audio monitoring: This is particularly necessary for families with elderly parents, children, or pets. For homeowners, audio is a great way to see and hear exactly what is happening.  
  • Low light viewing: Low light viewing is a major problem with most inexpensive cameras. In this case, the simplest solution is to have a ring of IR illuminators around the lens of the camera. Although it has many disadvantages for professional security applications (uneven lighting, limited distance), it is more affordable and often sufficient for people simply looking to illuminate a room.

When you choose RC Security Consulting, you will work with a personal security consultant to help you determine what you need. Additionally, our team of engineers and project managers will help ensure your system meets your exact needs and expectations.

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