Secure Entry Starts At The Door

Bolted doors with only one point of security are notoriously vulnerable to forced entry, and even expensive hardware can prove inadequate if only secured at one point.

Single-Point Bolts Are Vulnerable

An individual bolt and latch can easily be tampered with. If brute force is applied, the single locking point can withstand little damage before breaking or compromising the frame. In most cases, a kick or blow from a hammer is all that is needed to dismantle a lock.

When using a common pry tool, it is possible to break into a locked door secured by a single-point bolt lock in a matter of seconds. Installing multipoint bolt locks or latching points can, however, make most doors more resistant to these attacks. By using multi point latches, it is difficult to execute simple attacks. As a result, for every latch that is added the time it takes to bypass multiplies, thus giving authorities more time to respond.

Common Illegal Solutions

While it is typically not difficult to add more latches, it is important to do so correctly. According to most building codes, requirements dictate that only one action is needed to unlock or unlatch a door, regardless of how many securing mechanisms are present. Consequently, many examples of illegal multiple latching are found. Examples include doors with additional pin latches as well as the door lever lock itself.

Top Locations For High-Security Doors

Openings on the backside of retail and restaurant buildings that are not accessible to the public are especially vulnerable to prybar exploits, which bend or break frames and doors. In these cases, multipoint locks make attacks more difficult by increasing the number and location of lock latches that must be pried open.

We strongly recommend multipoint locks for the following facilities:

  • Backdoor Retail
  • Warehouse Doors
  • Hazardous/Valuable Item Storage

Options Available

  • Multi-point latching kits
  • Security hinge bolts
  • Access Control
    • Electronic Latch Retraction
    • Multiple Maglocks or Strikes

If you’re a business or a homeowner, protect yourself from simple attacks.
Contact RC Security Consulting to determine which options are best for you.

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