Smart Surveillance has Evolved, But How Does AI Work?

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Today, surveillance footage is much more than tracking the movements of people and vehicles, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Intelligent security cameras make decisions based on trends, transitions, and tracking. AI isn’t just used for security benefits; businesses also utilize it for commercial advantage. Video footage is recorded and stored and AI tags along analyzing surveillance footage allowing businesses to respond quicker and more efficiently.

Evolution of Surveillance

Companies have captured images for decades so people can watch the footage and respond effectively. Now, artificial intelligence allows for the rapid analyses of footage to create and implement the appropriate response to threats and other security and business-related problems. As a result, security systems need to be quicker and apply deep learning to match current AI technology. Data must be extracted and interpreted versus stored for a reactive response instead of proactive.

AI Brings the Intelligent Video Search Engine

Before AI, searching for critical security footage took hours. You had to estimate a time frame and then scroll through hours or even days of video. It’s tedious and difficult when investigating criminal activity. The video search engine allows you to search surveillance footage like looking for something on the internet.

AI lets your security system recognize people, colors, animals, vehicles, and more. You can use simple keywords to search video surveillance for lost objects, missing people, or suspicious activity and people. If you’re looking for a suspicious man in a blue shirt, simply search for “man in a blue shirt yesterday.” The search engine pulls up all the men in blue shirts yesterday in seconds.

This cutting-edge technology tags video surveillance footage in real-time and saves it to the cloud. The way AI allows the security system to tag video and analyze it makes it possible to search surveillance footage easily.

It’s an asset to security and management because it finds the right video footage quickly so that you can pass it on to law enforcement or other authorities. It saves tremendous amounts of time from searching video to investigating crimes.

Contact a security integrator today to find out how this technology can add AI, bandwidth reduction, cloud storage, and much more to your security footage.

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