The Best Way To Implement Access Control for your Apartment or Condo Complex

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Security should be a major concern for apartment and condo managers as well as homeowners’ associations. With condos and apartments, there is a constant stream of visitors and tenants moving in and out. It’s difficult to secure access to spaces that are for residents only and ensure safety in a large complex with public access.

Furthermore, preventing criminal activity is paramount to the security of residents and buildings on the property. Here are some tips on the best way to implement access control for your apartment or condo complex.

1.     Have a Security Integrator Evaluate the Property

Security technology has significantly advanced in recent years, and a security integrator can develop a customized, comprehensive security system that meets your needs. New options come on the market regularly, and a security professional can advise you on the latest security products and install the system professionally. The company you choose will perform a risk assessment and evaluate the property for vulnerabilities so they can suggest the best products for your complex.

2.     Identify Your Critical Assets

You must identify the assets that you want to protect to find the best security system for your complex. After your security integrator defines your critical assets and vulnerabilities, they’ll begin the process of developing your customized solution to solve your security problems.

Every complex is different, which is why a property evaluation is so vital to ensure you have the best security for your property and tenants. A competent solution detects threats and deters, delays, or denies criminals or unauthorized access.

3.     The Importance of Access Control Systems for Apartment and Condo Complexes

Lock and key systems don’t provide as much security as access control systems. Also, access control provides many benefits for apartment and condo complexes that require unique security solutions.

  • Reduce the problem of lost apartment keys– Naturally, tenants will lose a key occasionally or not turn a set in when they move out. Keys that aren’t accounted for create a major security issue along with the added cost of changing locks to ensure the new tenant’s safety. With access control systems, you simply disable or remove their access card from the system. If a tenant loses a card, deactivate the old one and reissue a new one.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to strangers– It’s hard to control who enters and exits large residential complexes. Access control puts a stop to strangers slipping in undetected and causing trouble. Your residents are safer when access is restricted. Plus, you can run reports on who uses their access cards, what time they use them, and where.
  • Mitigate the theft risks– Locks are easier for criminals to pick. In 2017, the FBI reported that 5 percent of burglaries were forcible entry. With access control, only employees and residents have access to certain areas reducing theft and other criminal acts.

Access control systems are excellent security solutions for apartment and condo complexes. They keep unauthorized people out, reducing the risk of criminal activity and enhancing the security of your property.

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