The Easiest Way to Search Your Surveillance Video

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Traditional video surveillance systems don’t make it easy to find the footage you need for administrative purposes or law enforcement investigations. Often no one knows the exact time something occurred, so security operators and administrators must search through hours of footage or sometimes even days to find the clip they need. There’s a much easier way to search your video footage, an AI, or deep learning-powered video surveillance search engine.

What is an AI-Powered Video Surveillance Search Engine?

This innovative security technology makes searching your video footage like searching in Google on the internet. AI makes your video surveillance system smarter, and it keeps learning more every day, the more footage it records. Deep learning helps security cameras recognize colors, animals, objects, people, vehicles, and more. The search engine feature helps you find any footage you need in seconds.

The Search Engine for Video Surveillance Makes the Search Process Easier

The video surveillance search engine finds the footage you’re looking for almost instantly. It reduces the hours of searching through surveillance down to seconds so you can get the information you need quickly and relay it to the correct people.

If you’re looking for an incident involving a man in a green shirt yesterday, you simply type in “man in green shirt yesterday,” and the security system pulls up all the footage that has men in green shirts on the day in question. If a suspicious red car pulled into the parking garage, search the system for “red car 30 minutes ago.”

The AI-powered video surveillance search engine understands natural language, so there’s no need to keep searching through footage until the system understands what you’re searching for. Once you connect your video surveillance to the search engine box, it tags the video footage with simple keywords in real-time and sends it to the cloud. You can search using the categories that deep learning helps your security system recognize.

You can also set the system to notify you when certain key events occur that you want to monitor. This cutting-edge security reduces time spent searching video footage, and it helps you get the information out to security or law enforcement officers responding to calls on your property quicker. It enhances the security of your property and employees,

This revolutionary technology will change the security industry, making it easier to find suspicious activity and prevent criminal activity. Locate missing people or kids on your property quickly and find lost objects. Make searching video footage easier with AI-powered technology.

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