The Importance of Project Management Experience When Installing Security Systems

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Thousands of businesses every year rely on professional security integrators to develop a security plan and install complex security systems. Educational institutions, businesses, and governmental, and healthcare facilities need someone experienced who can tailor comprehensive systems that work for their unique business and buildings. Demonstrated experience is critical to proving your ability to take on their project.

The Ability to Scale Projects

When a security integrator can demonstrate that they’ve completed large projects efficiently, potential clients can see that experience can be scaled up or down for their project. To gain experience, security integrators can take on small projects to gain more experience. Work enough smaller projects, and you can scale up to larger projects.

The ability to scale based on the scope of a project is a critical skill that one develops over time after completing a broad range of security installations.


The logistics of huge commercial projects requires an experienced integrator who can multi-task and coordinate all the services involved with the project. That means keeping track of all the subcontractors working on the security system installation. Open communication with resources in-house is also critical. Only experience helps you manage the logistics of processes, and you can gain that over time as you complete smaller, comparable installs.

Managing Unique Design Requirements

Every entity that you work on is unique, and therefore, a security system that works for one business won’t work for a college or healthcare facility. The more projects you work on, the better you understand a client’s unique needs, and you can create and install a comprehensive system specific to their requirements. Some complications to factor in could be companies with multiple locations, remote locations, and restricted and high-risk areas. These projects require flexibility, which is where the experience comes in. You understand the products, the installation process, and have experience dealing with service, so you know how to adjust the plan as you go.

These are just a few examples of the importance of project management experience. Managing logistics and unique design needs, plus being able to scale projects are all skills that you can learn over time.

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