The Pros and Cons to Only Partially Updating Your Video Surveillance System to IP Video

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Are you thinking about upgrading your analog surveillance system, but wondering if you should do it all at once? Your answer depends on the unique needs and infrastructure of your business. Here are some pros and cons to think about when upgrading your video cameras.

Cons of Older Analog Security Cameras

While they may have been cutting edge at one time, security has advanced significantly since then. Analog security cameras simply lack the overall quality of IP video surveillance. The images aren’t as clear, and the frame rate is slower. High-risk areas with analog security cameras should be updated because of the need for high-quality video footage to investigate security events.

Also, the security of your data is compromised as analog security cameras don’t encrypt your information. If you genuinely want to update your system in stages, make sure to only leave analog cameras in low-risk areas.

Pros of Analog Video Surveillance

One of the biggest pros of analog security cameras is they’re affordable. The cost was likely one of the reasons you chose them in the first place. Also, you don’t need to be an IT expert to manage and use the system. Cost and ease of use are definitely compelling arguments for your old security cameras, but newer technology is steadily becoming more affordable every day.

Pros for Updating Your Video Surveillance to IP Video

Today’s new security cameras are much better and more secure than past equipment. IP cameras let you zoom in and pan for better visibility. They also film finer details than analog security cameras. IP security video captures license plate numbers and facial details that help you and law enforcement investigate crimes and security events.

Analog video cameras must be connected directly to a DVR, while multiple intelligent IP security cameras can connect to a single switch for more camera coverage. More coverage enhances other security measures to decrease risks.

Contact your security integrator if you’re considering a partial surveillance system update instead of going all in. A security professional can address any questions you have and help develop a plan tailored to your company.

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