Vital Security Measures to Implement at Condo and Apartment Complexes

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Apartment and condo complexes have unique environments that have different security needs than other types of residences. There is a steady flow of tenants moving in and out and visitors coming and going frequently. The area around a residential complex also significantly impacts its security.

However, security isn’t always a priority because there are so many other items that require your attention and money. While there certainly are many things to spend your money on, excellent security makes your complex safer and increases your property’s value. Here are two systems that integrate well together and enhance security.

Access Control for Condo and Apartment Amenities

Most people associate access control with large high-rises and big businesses, but it’s an excellent security solution for complexes with multiple restricted areas. Install access control in amenity areas such as laundry rooms, playgrounds, pools, clubhouses, and more to restrict access to residents and employees only. It helps reduce criminal opportunities and document unauthorized access attempts.

If residents access their apartments or condos through a centralized lobby, it adds an extra layer of security that can replace a 24/7 doorman. It also integrates well with the next security system; monitored video surveillance.

24/7 Monitored Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is incredible security technology. It allows you to search for evidence to document criminal activity reported by residents. But reviewing hours of footage is not a cost-effective way to manage your property or reduce crime. Plus, security cameras must be placed in the correct areas such as amenities, stairwells, and underneath the stairs. These are all known high-crime areas in multiple unit complexes.

The key to enhancing your complex’s security is monitored video surveillance. With a monitored system, someone’s always watching your property from a central station. Security cameras alert the monitoring center when they detect suspicious activity. In turn, once someone verifies the event, they immediately notify management and security on-site so that they can respond to the incident in time to intervene. There’s no need to scroll through hours of video footage because you have the exact time of the incident and the evidence police need to continue the investigation.

These two security systems integrate to increase the capabilities of your entire security solution. A secure property brings happier residents, and less crime lowers insurance premiums and increases the value of your property.

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