Innovations Taking Security Cameras To The Next Level

With the VU-MORE camera, light levels and motion can be analyzed and IR or white-light illumination can be activated based on lighting conditions and motion. Dahua sells other cameras with similar features, but this one offers more options for security.

Starlight Camera

In the early days of low-light technology, Starlight was one of the first products introduced to the market. This product is available in three levels: Basic Starlight, Enhanced Starlight, and Starlight+. Darkness levels of Starlight correspond to the levels of color remaining in the image before it turns black and white. It relies on optics, sensors, and image processing for its operation. In bright lighting conditions, these cameras apply IR cut filters to create clear images down to 0.004 lux. For covert applications, Starlight is an excellent choice.

Night Color Camera

Unlight the Starlight cameras, the Night Color cameras do not use an IR cut filter. Instead of high-resolution sensors, they have achromatic lenses with large apertures that produce color images even in low light. Because these cameras are light sensitive, they can maintain color images throughout the day without switching to black and white, like cameras that depend on infrared light. There are models of the Night Color and Night Color 2.0 that come with or without white-light LEDs.

Covertness can also be achieved with the Night Color Fusion camera. There are two 4MP sensors on this device, one of which uses the visible color spectrum to extract details. Using a black and white spectrum, the other sensor determines brightness. It allows color images to appear even in very dark scenes without utilizing white-light LEDs by merging the two images.

The Three In One Camera or TiOC

Among the best features of the TiOC is that certain functions are activated based on Smart Motion Detection (SMD). A three-in-one is characterized by three deterrents for unwanted activity: a siren, flashing blue and red lights, and a two-way communications system allowing operators to talk to individuals nearby. Each deterrent works in conjunction with SMD. TiOC also uses SMD for its dual illumination, which uses Analytics+ to determine whether to use white light or IR illuminators.  As a result of the LEDs, a full-color recording is possible during a security event.

VU-MORE Color Camera

In a similar way to the TiOC technology, VU-MORE Color utilizes white-light LEDs in situations where human motion is detected, while using infrared (IR) for other areas. This reduces light pollution. A firmware update will be released in December 2022 to add Flexible Scheduling to the VU-MORE Color cameras. The Flexible Scheduling feature allows users to specify when LEDs should be illuminated versus using infrared lighting.

Partnered With ONVIF

Dahua is excited to be reinstated as a full member of ONVIF, a leading organization committed to providing and promoting IP-based physical security interfaces.

With its ONVIF membership, Dahua strengthens its commitment to industry best practices around data security and strengthens their presence in technical standard-setting. As a result of their membership, they have the opportunity to work alongside other industry leaders. OnVIF is currently working with the Dahua Technology product team to ensure that all products comply with their high standards.

If you are looking to update security features for your business, by implementing Dahua’s specialty cameras let RC Security help. Our continued research and partnerships with premium brands allow us to offer better quality every time.

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