Why Smart Business Owners Get Professionally Installed Video Surveillance

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Whether it’s the corner store or the shop at the mall, small retail enterprises are waking up to the need for video surveillance. Central Texas retailers are seeing the value in video as a security solution; to start, they understand the ability to watch footage of a security event may be helpful in putting an offender against the business behind bars.

But what if having cameras installed isn’t enough? After all, video surveillance should do more than watch a crime in progress; it should also play a preventive role. This is where a professional installation can make a big difference.

Professional Installation v. DIY

Smart business owners know they are sending a firm, clear message to potential shoplifters when they have security cameras installed. And yet, some retail owners believe they can cut costs by installing their own cameras. Even if the network will only contain a basic camera setup for a small retail space, taking this DIY approach is ill-advised.

Consider how a trained criminal will view a camera that appears to have been installed by the business owner. He will likely be able to spot it quickly and wonder if it’s actually on. Even unseasoned criminals are savvy these days, including teenagers who have spent time “staking out” a store. All things considered, security cameras you install yourself are less effective at preventing crimes from occurring.

Smart business owners know they are sending a firm, clear message to potential shoplifters when they have security cameras installed.

Professional Installation is PROPER Installation

Hard-working retailers know their businesses front to back; it’s their job. However, that expertise does not always extend to technology that’s designed to protect the space from security risks. If security cameras are positioned poorly so that they only capture activity in a small area, that is a major vulnerability to the business. A professional installer knows where cameras should be mounted in order to capture a broad range of activity.

Appearances are everything, even when it comes to security technology. If security cameras appear as if they can be easily disconnected, this is not true video surveillance. This is just one more reason why proper installation is the first step to achieving true video surveillance for a retail establishment.

To speak with a security consultant with the experience necessary to install video surveillance in a retail establishment of any size, contact RC Security Consulting. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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